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Potassium Probiotic Nutrient Fertilizer And Its Usage

Posted by Admin on February, 13, 2020

In today’s day and age, we are aware of the increasing amounts of pollution that are being created be it soil pollution, water pollution or air pollution. In such a scenario where our body is constantly being subjected to toxic material it is important to consume a healthy diet to ensure proper growth and development.

Similarly, plants require nutrients as well to grow at a healthy rate. In such a situation where the soil is being stripped of important nutrients such as potassium, ensuring that plants get a sufficient quantity of these is a challenge.

That is why, many farmers, gardeners use potassium probiotic nutrient fertilizers which helps in enabling the plants to grow and develop in a healthy way by supplying them with the nutrients they need.

What is a Potassium Probiotic Nutrient Fertilizer?

Soil probiotics contain important components such as humic substances which are a part of humus that forms a major part of organic substances found in the soil that fertilize the plants.

Potassium is an extremely important element for a plant’s healthy growth; it acts as a catalyst that promotes growth causing enzymes. It is also vital for a plant’s ability to withstand extreme heat and cold and to fight diseases as well. Potassium probiotic nutrient fertilizers supply these important nutrients to plants making sure that they are not deprived of it.

Importance in Agriculture

Human activities today have irrevocably damaged nature. On one hand we face an increasing global population and on the other hand, there is the depreciating soil quality and increasingly degrading quantity of organic nutrients present in it.

In this situation, there is a dire need to cater to the increasing number of mouths. Potassium probiotic fertilizers allow a farmer to ensure that his crops are healthy which helps in increasing his harvest. This increases the quantity of food being produced catering to global consumption needs.

Its working and Benefits

Probiotics help in balancing the bad as well as the good microbes in plants. Microbes help in stabilising the soil by promoting soil aggregation and ensure that most of it does not become loose and run down in case of floods. Without microbes plants cannot convert the nitrogen from the atmosphere into ammonia that helps in various biological processes taking place in the plants one of them being photosynthesis.

These fertilisers are the fuel that powers the engine of modern agriculture. Suffice to say they play an important role in keeping harmful microbes away that damage a plant and hinder its growth and development. They build a plant’s immunity thus reducing its reliance on pesticides and fertilizers. This means that less of these harmful chemicals will be consumed by plants. The plants also become resilient to a variety of harmful microorganisms over a period of time. Potassium probiotic nutrient fertilizers also promote soil health and reduce the harmful effects of pesticides.

Thus, it is no surprise that farmers today choose to use these fertilizers more than anything else as these have countless benefits against any other fertilizers or pesticides.

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