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Things You Should Know About Silica Complexed Nutrient Fertilizer

Posted by Admin on November, 15, 2019

Silicon is the most abundant element on the planet, making about 25% of the earth’s crust. Since it exists abundantly in the earth’s crust, many plants accumulate it in a large amount that is similar to macronutrients. In nature, silicon occurs as the silica oxide and silicate, which is used to make silicon-based fertilizer or silica complexed nutrient fertilizer. The silica complexed nutrient fertilizer is widely used by the farmers because silicon enhances growth and yield of all annual and vegetable crops and promotes upright growth (stronger and thicker stems, shorter internodes).

Benefits of silica complexed nutrient fertilizer:

• This fertilizer improves cell structural strength, reducing the occurrence of lodging. When silica complexed nutrient fertilizer is used in agriculture, silicon accumulates in the epidermal tissues of the plant and increases its mechanical stability. Inside the plant, silicon travels to active growing points, where it complexes with an organic compound in the cell walls of the plant and makes them stronger. The fertilizer is beneficial in increasing the resistance of plants against strong wind and rain.

• This fertilizer helps in improving the resistance to pathogens and insect attack. Silicon (Si) deposits in the epidermis tissues of the plant and provide a physical barrier to pathogens and insects. The silica complexed nutrient fertilizer is used to increase the plant’s resistance to many bacterial and fungal diseases such as septoria, powdery mildew, and eye-spot.

• The silica complexed nutrient fertilizer can improve photosynthetic activity. Silicon improves the structure of the plant and improves its ability to capture light. The silica complexed nutrient fertilizer is used to promote favorable exposure of leaves to the light.

• This fertilizer is beneficial in reducing drought and heat stress. Plants subjected to drought, when treated with the silica complexed nutrient fertilizer, higher stomatal conductivity, relative water content, and water potential is maintained. The fertilizer helps leaves become larger and thicker, therefore limiting the loss of water through transpiration and effectively reduces water consumption.

• This fertilizer is beneficial in reducing salinity stress by inhibiting sodium absorption.

• This fertilizer is helpful in enhancing the intake of nitrogen, calcium phosphorus and potassium.

• The silica complexed nutrient fertilizer can help in alleviating toxicity of iron, manganese, cadmium, aluminum, and zinc.

Silica complexed nutrient fertilizer shows great influence on the development of plant roots, thus allowing better root resistance in dry soils and its faster growth. This fertilizer is usually applied at the time of planting, but it can be applied at any time during the growing season. Since silica complexed nutrient fertilizer contains the natural element, it can be used by all farmers for crop production, whether they practice conventional or organic farming.

You can contact a reputed silica complexed nutrient fertilizer supplier to get extremely good quality fertilizer. The suppliers and exporters of silica complexed nutrient fertilizer have established a strong foothold in the global market. The manufacturers of silica complexed nutrient fertilizer upgrade their manufacturing techniques and other facilities to elevate the standards and keep pace with the prevalent market trends. The offered range of fertilizer has gone through a stringent quality check process in order to deliver a defect-free range to the customers. The customized packaging system adopted by the silica complexed nutrient fertilizer suppliers ensures the longer shelf life of the product. Moreover, this fertilizer is available in the market at industry leading process.

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