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Drought Mitigation

Drought Mitigation The OMACY Ag soil system achieves the following :
  • Water savings of 50% are proven in all soil types. The OMACY Ag soil systems are proven to achieve this on any farm that will follow the program. One farm at a time.
  • To sequester carbon in the soil and prevent atmospheric CO2 problems. These proofs date back to the 1800's but more provable to the early 1980's. Dr's Reams, M.D. and Albrecht (Univ Missouri).
  • To name one known to most of us, Dr. Mercola presented evidence from "Organic Horticulture Benefits Alliance" of Houston, TX of a 50% savings of commercially applied city water. And they get lots of rain, too.
  • The Ag college system (in-cooperation with USDA) is proving that the addition of grouped microbial families introduced into any soil is increasing the tilth / nutrient values and the carbon of the soil as much as 75%.
  • This is carbon capture for healthy soil life, healthy plants and stores soil water for long term plant use. A three year study done in Arizona showed more that 50% water savings on turf (2004).
  • Omacy Ag's soil system was watered every 7 days verses daily watering to maintain the "sharp turf green."
  • That same study showed a reduction in applied chemicals to control soil and plant disease and weeds were less of a problem. This, nearly three year study was done through Salt River Project (SRP) who provides water and power to central Arizona.
  • Rice farmers in the "Mississippi delta area," are using this system to manage water in their paddy's.
  • If this system were applied to just 20% of the "arable land" of the earth we would have complete control of CO2 air issues, statement of Dr. Arden Anderson, DO, PhD., and have a net increase in food production all without GMO's or Monsanto.
  • Healthy soils via Omacy Ag give the right nutrients to plants and they are "much more healthy." If broad-leaf weeds are showing we know that is a biological deficiency and an improver relationship of too much Potassium in relation to Phosphorous in the soil. If grass weeds are an issue it is a Calcium availability issue.
  • Omacy Ag's soil (microbial) system provides the fundamental nutrient availability so plants can use the soil's biology to photosynthesize nutrients. From that, plants can make their "sugars" and convert them into fats, protein and carbohydrates that become "our food."
  • Drought is a shortage of soil carbon in the presence of some water. One Year. Low carbon is a condition that affects many farmers and homeowners. Omacy can not save the world as a whole but we have the tools to change how carbon and its water efficiency factors work for you. Omacy provides the workhorse microbes to manage your soils carbons.
  • Proven for decades here in the desert southwest and California Omacys soil system provides the means to extend your water supply by up to 50 percent
  • Omacy provides the workhorse microbes to manage your soils carbons. This will bring you the water efficiency you need, one farm at a time, within this one year.”
  • Proven in Univ of Missouri ’85. 1 qt produced 800 lbs of Carbon in 45-60 days.
  • Dr Wilson states that this can be done at least 4 times per year. This requires some additional management details and expenditures’. But it will allow CA tree farmers to more than double the available water from where they are now. That means no big loss of Income. Orchards will remain healthy, etc.
  • In south-central Utah the average rainfall is 6 inches, comes in January and February as snow. A farmer on a low rolling hillside applied “OMACY soil system” and planted wheat in November. First year he got 4 bushels; Second year he got 13 bushels; Third year he got 38.9 bushels. No fertilizers were applied. If he had applied the soil system 3 times over a six month period and then planted wheat he could have done it in 1 yr. This was something I personally saw happen. I was working in Utah from 1977 through 1984. This example was on the Joe Zitting farm, Parowan area. Kumen Meservy.
Regular Soil Program :
  • ViGEST-R - 1 qt/ac with water cycle. - $24.00
  • ViGEST-R -As above w/ 2 gal Mollasses -$24.00 + $12 for Molasses
  • ViGEST-R - 1 qt/ac w/2 gal Molasses - $24.00 + $12 for Molasses
  • ViGEST-R - 1 qt/ac from Root Mass - $24.00
Organic Soil Program Minerals /Soil Test :
  • LSO Microbes (nop) - $28.00/ac
  • Above + Mol. - $40.00/ac
  • Above + Mol - $40.00/ac
  • LSO Microbes - $ 28.00/ac
Results : Replaces 200 lb of nitrogen (USDA values). Replaces 20 tons of Compost. Increases water holding capacity by more than 50%. Improves orchard health, less weeds, less nematodes and soil diseases. Will improve yields by 25%. Dr.Norman Wilson, PhD., Agronomist Kumen Meservy, B.S., CCA # 06146

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